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RadoNorm project under EURATOM Horizon 2020 aims at managing risk from radon and NORM exposure situations to assure effective radiation protection based on improved scientific evidence and social considerations.

RadoNorm is designed to initiate and perform research and technical development in support of European Union Member States, Associated Countries and the European Commission in their efforts to implement the European radiation protection Basic Safety Standards. The proposed multidisciplinary and inclusive research project will target all relevant steps of the radiation risk management cycle for radon and NORM exposure situations. RadoNorm aims to reduce scientific, technical and societal uncertainties by:

  • initiating and performing research and technical developments,

  • integrating education and training in all research and development activities, and

  • disseminating the project achievements through targeted actions to the public, stakeholders and regulators.

This will strengthen the scientific and technical basis for all key steps of the radiation risk management cycle for radon and NORM. The inclusive character of RadoNorm is given at different levels, by (i) targeting research and development on all steps of the management cycle, (ii) combining biomedical, and ecological research with mitigation development and social science research, (iii) integration of researchers from national radiation protection institutions, research centres, universities, and SME, (iv) incorporation of E&T activities in all undertakings, and (v) linking dissemination efforts directly to knowledge achievements and new recommendations.


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